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About me.

"I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious." -Albert Einstein.

Photography fuels my soul; I'm a mama of two + these two crazy-about-life kids have given me all the motivation I need to pursue my dream of showing the world (even if just a small inch of this world) the beauty in what surrounds us. I can honestly say, that no matter my subject, there is beauty + my heart can't help but try and capture it. I've been in love with the same boy since I was 11, I married him too-my greatest friend, sounds crazy I know. But that's my life, crazy good, (huge thanks to him) but so full of love + laughter, it's what my heart knows best. But I also know loss, I know what it feels like to lose someone so important and wish that I had more photos of them to hold. You  may think photos aren't important, but wait until they are all you have left. 

My work focuses on capturing real authenticity; the love, the happiness, the LAUGHTER, the imperfect emotions- the beautiful rawness that is REAL life. If you feel something when you look at my work, contact me, I would be honored to spend some time with you + your loved ones.

I truly have decided that I will find the beauty in everything around me + let me tell you-laughter is the most beautiful thing + I promise to show you just how beautiful it is! Life is short my friends but man is it a beauty! I would love to meet you, share a few (or a lot of) precious moments with you + capture whatever it is your heart desires. I love fiercely folks; I only want to freeze those moments in time for you, your very own tangible story to relive over and over.  Ok, now I am just rambling-so basically, I'm a mama, a wife + best friend, OREGONIAN TO THE FULLEST, I love with my ABSOLUTE ALL, I laugh way too loud + way too hard, I hug a bit too long, and cry at everything because I am a sap. If you let me in, I'm there for good folks, a piece of my heart stays with you...always.