Valerie + Tyler

Before I started my photography journey I seriously dreamt of traveling, seeing places and meeting so many amazing people. I never took a leap and just went. The opportunities I have now to create something beautiful with others in places I had only dreamt of seeing, is the most amazing thing. Truly amazing.

Arizona is like no other, when you live in Oregon and step into AZ country with all of its beautiful golden goodness, you truly appreciate it for what it is; a beautiful desert. When the idea of Horseshoe bend came up, it was a no brainer it was meant for these two. And we couldn't have been more right about that. This location is like no other, I seriously cannot put into words how insane it is, literally one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen. It's no wonder why people flock to this location to take in it's beauty, and what a better place to celebrate your love than high above with the most incredible view. 

Being afraid of heights I was nervous as hell to step closer to the edge, but even at a safe distance you get the full experience of this amazing place, and it allowed me to create something so beautiful for these two amazing gems. Tyler and Valerie looked incredible surrounded by such a gorgeous place. Of course I cried, who wouldn't. They held each other in such a way that made you want to just melt all over the damn place. Pretty sure I did and all of the passing tourists. This place is magic, pure magic and when you truly appreciate landscapes and this earth for what it is, I believe you give something back to your couples who also want to just take in the full experience and look back on what they were able to create and be a part of. What their love was able to create. 

Brandy NicholsComment