Stephanie + Tyler

I don't think I could EVER express how much I adore these gems right here. I had a freaking BLAST with this couple in an in-home shoot we did in a beautiful beach house, so when we were able to create again but in the MOUNTAINS...unrealllll.

Stephanie, she is unreal, probably one of the most beautiful gems I have ever met. Look at her, she seriously is such a bright light in this freakin world! But the way she lights up when she looks at Tyler, I couldn't pose that if I tried. And Tyler, well, ladies (and gents) look at him, the man just needs to look at the camera and we all *swoon*. But I fell for these two not just because of their looks, but their energy, their light they give off and give to other's around them. I seriously have wayyyyy too much fun when I get to photograph them, they allow me to direct them and also they become so comfortable that they don't need me to continue to direct, they just become themselves as if I am not even there. It's beautiful.

When Stephanie put on the Rue De Seine dress (from Heaven) it was INSANE, it was like it was meant for her and only her. We both drooled over it, over her in it! The sun came out when we were doing bridal shots of just her, and with our music playing, Tyler dancing, she became this glowing babe and my finger went trigger happy! I don't think I can express to them how much it touched my heart to go on another adventure with them, they definitely stole a piece of my heart, and this session did also...can't wait for our next adventure together! 

Brandy NicholsComment