Carlie + Davonte

There's something about photographing married couples that I don't think I can accurately describe or put into words; familiar? Warm? It's beautiful I know that much. It's like these couples have a different form of excitement shooting together! Engagements feel like "first date" love, it's new and you just cannot wait to start your life together, anniversary sessions feel like "coming home" love and a familiar love that just comforts your soul. And when you photograph these couples who have been so in love for so long and married for any amount of time, you see that, you can really see their souls just relaxing when they touch.

These two were amazing to watch together, like they have been dancing hand in hand for so long it was just second nature for them to laugh and dance without a care of who was watching. Pretty damn beautiful if you ask me. Carlie would place her hands on Davonte and you could seriously see his chest relax and his eyes soften and his smile...there was no denying his beautiful smile when she touched him. My favorite thing about these two and their session, their laughs. Almost child-like, as if these two had some inside joke that just made it that much more fun! 

One of my favorite quotes I have ever read is "we don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing". Don't ever stop playing, never forget that fun child-like love that you share with your husband or wife, because it's there and when you let it out like these two did, it won't be anything short of amazing. Just look at theirs. Pretty beautiful right?

Brandy NicholsComment