Leah + Tyler

Where do I even start with these two. Leah herself is such a talented and beautiful soul and the fact that she wanted me to capture her and her gorgeous husband literally had me melting. I don't think my photos will do her laughter justice because you need to hear it, it seriously was perfection! Our session literally consisted of nonstop laughing, dancing and stepping on all sorts of vicious cacti (aka spawns of Satan).

These two completed my Arizona trip. They were so fun and their love seriously was FUN, like if you could label their love with one word, it would be labeled "FUN". I felt like I knew Leah for so long already, we became friends over social media in our crazy photography world and she is just a true gem. You could tell Ty knew she was, he looked at her (even when she was trying to make him dance annnnd he was not having it) as if she was the brightest freakin' diamond he had ever seen. Pretty damn amazing if you ask me. 

When you get to capture these types of moments for others, and look at what you created with the HUGE help of their love, it really pulls the heartstrings. I had been away from my husband for 3 days and after this session and the other amazing ones I did while visiting Arizona, I could not wait to see him and just hold him and kiss his face a little too hard. When I photograph these beautiful in-love couples, it's like I'm watching a mini love story, reading a short love story, I am falling in love with love even more with every session I do. I appreciate love, I appreciate people and I appreciate with all of my heart people allowing me to capture their love...because at the end of the day, a simple reminder that life is too short and love is unconditional can come in the form of a little photo.

Brandy NicholsComment