Dani + Mike

I don't think I will be able to truly express how amazing these two were together, but I will try! Dani and I have been Instagram besties for some time now, she one of the most genuine souls I have ever met, and that was just online, but once I met her in person for this session I knew she really was a gem. She too is a photographer and so talented, but so supportive and encouraging, I adore her!!

When she contacted me to do her and her husband's anniversary shoot at Cape Kiwanda I instantly said YES, 1. because this is my ABSOLUTE favorite place to shoot, 2. because I wanted to squeeze the crap out of her-it was long overdue! I was also nervous, taking photos of another photographer can always be a little intimidating, at least for me! But honestly, as soon as we hit that beach, we could not stop laughing, smiling and I could not stop swooning over the two of them together. 

Look at them, the look he gives her, her laugh!! It was seriously one of the most joyful, FUN and beautiful sessions ever! They allowed me to just create something I saw in my heart once we started walking together. I instantly felt their love and wanted to make sure I captured that and also to make sure it was so sun-kissed/sundrenched that when they looked at them they would smile every. damn. time. THIS is what I love to do, this is what I love to see, YOUR love and just letting it consume you and have fun. It's an incredible thing to watch and be a part of, even from behind my camera; I can't thank them enough for allowing me to tag along and capture their love in ALLLLLLLLL it's beauty!!

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