Jules + Coby

I've dreamt of visiting Ireland, running around the misty coast line, through the damp green hills with a couple so in love ready to elope that I would probably forget to breathe. This couple made that happen, only in our back yard, the Oregon coast. 

These two have literally stolen my heart and when they danced in the rain, ran through the freezing water and climbed up slick rocks I knew they were pure gems. If there is one thing about my work, my art that I love it's how I play and dance with the sunlight. BUT I live in the PNW and the sun with it's dancing sun flares don't always come out to play. There is something so beautiful about a cloudy overcast day with the waves in the background and soaking wet bride and grooms just so damn in love that they don't even care if the sun doesn't come out and dance across their skin. 

After all that's what your day is all about, your love, through it all, through the rainy days, the sunny days, hell ALL OF THE DAYS...your love is what it is all about. One day I will help celebrate the love of two amazing people in Ireland, rainy and so in awe of their bond, but for now I am over the moon to celebrate and capture these gems and so many more on the coasts of Oregon.

Brandy NicholsComment