Lauren + Jake

I feel pretty damn fortunate to call Oregon my home; I mean, come on, I have the mountains in one direction, and the ocean in the other. I have so many daydreams of seeing the world, creating amazing memories in exotic countries, climb up beautiful mountains (a little farfetched given I sound like a pug just trying to climb stairs) but I dream of seeing these places. 

When this beauty contacted me and expressed her visions of a Moroccan styled session for her and her love, I swooned. It was like she seriously saw one of my daydreams of creating a shoot in a desert surrounded by sand and feeling as if we were in Morocco. I instantly fell in love with her and also him for the way he looked at her, reached for her, laughed with her! They were seriously beautiful. Her beauty was so effortless, she could just walk and I swear even MY heart skipped a beat. What's funny is my family came along to this shoot and were off playing, but before my daughter walked away she made sure to tell this gem just HOW pretty she was, at least 5 times lol.

I felt a connection with them, I laughed with them, hugged the shit out of them, and I truly feel like I gained two new friends. How amazing is that?! To walk away with a new friendship after capturing and witnessing love between two super rad people. When they allow you to create something unique and beautiful for them, in your own way but also celebrating them in THEIR way without changing anything they envisioned. We created this session together and I don't think my heart could be any happier with it. 

Brandy NicholsComment