Yosemite Elopement

I don't think what I am about to type will truly do this amazing experience justice. These insanely fun and beautiful souls came all the way to Yosemite to capture their love high above the valley with Half dome as their witness. And it took our breath away. Literally, I think the hike up to half dome (no we did not drive up like the rest of you smart folk probably have as the park had not quite opened up the road. So up we went!). 

The higher we got the more we lost our breath but also because of the views! It was insane, absolutely stunning. Watching them hike up was melting me, he held her hand and made sure she was getting water every step of the way. With her dress in a backpack it seriously was just the best experience ever!

When we got to the top we literally ran, we were so excited to see it all. The sun beat us to the top but it still shined over us like we actually were getting the full sunrise. As he helped her put on the dress I just let the moments unfold as natural as possible. Barefoot and full of excitement they climbed up a rock and just held each other in the sun. They were so natural together it was so damn beautiful. Yosemite is absolutely unreal, and I am still amazed at its beauty and cannot wait to go back. These two stole my heart as did this amazing place. I can't tell you how incredible it is when you decide to travel to somewhere that takes your breath away to just celebrate the love you have with your partner. It's a decision you'll never regret.

Brandy NicholsComment