Athena + Camron

"He's like nobody else in the world. When I'm with him, it's like I'm split in half. Past of me is on fire, going crazy if I'm not touching him. The other half is calm and peacefully content, knowing he's the one for me."

Have you ever met two people + instantly knew that you were about to watch a love story unfold right in front of you? Meeting these two and watching them together was like watching a love story I've read 100x play out in front of me- in real life. Athena + Camron, these two are incredible talented photographers so of course they knew how to work the camera, but honest to God, they had such an ease that NO ONE could stage. It was pretty amazing to watch. Plus, we all laughed so much together it made my heart want to explode. (And my face because my cheeks hurt from laughing so much.)

I literally could go on an on about these two and the love they share, for the short period I was with them, I think I fell in love with them at least 15 different times. Athena's beautiful Australian accent and the look Camron gave her each time she smiled, it was all enough to bring you to your knees. Not much more I could say will do these two + their love justice, but believe me when I say that these two are gold. PURE GOLD.

I walked away from this session in tears, not only because of this incredible session with these beauties, but because how much I enjoyed photographing love, photographing an incredible location, how much I learned...I know what sets the creative part of my soul on fire, and that's love, and adventure- because as cliché as it may sound, LOVE IS THE GREATEST ADVENTURE FOLKS.  

Brandy NicholsComment