Stephanie + Tyler

Picture this; Michael Jackson blaring at a high volume, big kid beverages (yes, alcohol), LOTS of dancing, way too much laughing and all before 10 AM. That's what this session consisted of. 

Folks, look at these two- their love, their laughs- as I was editing these shots I could literally hear and feel it all over again! I am all about chasing the sun with my couples + families, but I am also all about chasing the fun around inside your home or in a fun location with a great vibe! 

Stephanie, well, she is an incredible site to see-just look at her, but my word she is the sweetest human ever and Ty- oh man, I think my heart almost jumped out of my chest when he smiled. PUT THEM TOGETHER- it's pretty damn perfect. Their in-home session is one for the books for me!

Brandy NicholsComment